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In the spirit of reviewing, reflecting, planning, and goal setting, we want to help you be successful in 2021

That begins right now!

At ThePoshGirlsClub we know the results of investing in the time to create clarity for the future and vision .of your business.

For three years now...

We've hosted an Annual Business Review, for creating new visions + goals for the year.

During this class, we have the absolute best time, taking notice of who + where we are. And thinking about the next version of ourselves we'd like to meet in the coming year!

Then, developing the plan for creating a successful, thriving business with a healthy work/life balance.

Your Business Review...

✅ Unlock tools for creating a conscious, growth mindset and creating a daily plan for living intentionally with full clarity and ownership of your life. Our resident Mindset + Conscious Leadership Coach Kyle will walk you through intention setting + tools to help you thrive this year.

✅ You’ll conduct a full executive review as an entrepreneur or CEO

✅ Map the customer journey in your business for one entire year

✅ Create a full business strategy to execute for yourself in 2021

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